Green refractories will be the future development trend of refractories

News time:2020-09-11  Views:0

     With the increasing shortage of national resources and the country's emphasis on environmental protection, new green environmental protection and energy saving and consumption reduction have become the general trend of refractory development. At present, some western countries basically do not use chromium-containing refractories, and the use of green refractories has become an inevitable trend. For example, refractories are used in cement kilns, and similar products such as magnesia-aluminum spinel bricks and magnesia-iron spinel are used The service life and use effect can completely replace the magnesia chrome brick, so the chromium pollution is significantly reduced.

     The level of development of my country’s refractory industry is still far from the green development of Western countries. On the road of refractory development in the future, first, we must look at the general direction of development and actually study the small development on the road. For the problem, it is recommended that users, manufacturers, research institutes and design institutes further strengthen cooperation. Researchers should further sublimate with users to reduce the gap between reality and theory. It has new breakthroughs on the road of green development of refractories.

     The main development direction of refractory materials is still to focus on innovation, and further refinement in the design, application, production and other links, and strive to improve the quality and application level of refractory products, and the focus is on energy conservation, environmental protection and low carbon