Aluminum magnesium spinel index

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The characteristics of aluminum-magnesium spinel

Bauxite-based sintered magnesia-aluminum spinel is made of high-quality bauxite with an Al2O3 content of more than 76% and high-quality light-burned magnesia powder with a MgO content of more than 95%. After a multi-stage homogenization process, the temperature is 1800°C in an ultra-high temperature tunnel kiln. It is sintered at high temperature, with high bulk density, high mineral phase content, well-developed crystal grains, uniform structure and stable quality. Magnesium-aluminum spinel has good corrosion resistance, strong corrosion and peeling ability, good slag resistance, abrasion resistance, thermal shock stability, and high temperature resistance. It is an ideal raw material for the production of refractory products such as magnesia-aluminum spinel bricks, ladle lining bricks, ladle castables and other refractory products for high-temperature zone of cement rotary kiln. Magnesium aluminum spinel is widely used in refractory materials, steel smelting, cement rotary kilns and glass industrial kilns.

Application of Al-Mg Spinel

It has good corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and good thermal shock stability. Its main purpose is to replace magnesia chrome sand to make magnesia-aluminum spinel bricks for cement rotary kilns, which not only avoids chromium pollution, but also has good spalling resistance; the other is to make ladle castables, greatly improving The corrosion resistance of steel lining. It is widely used in refractory materials for steelmaking. The preparation of high-quality pre-synthetic spinel provides new raw materials for the production of amorphous and shaped high-purity refractories