What is the significant trends in the refractory industry in 2020?

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 New materials are the forerunners and supporters of high-tech industries and advanced manufacturing industry, which have always been one of the very active leading research fields.


  Refractory materials are widely used in metallurgy, chemicals, construction, petroleum, mechanical power, energy and other industries, with the highest consumption in metallurgy industry that accounted for more than half of output.


  The year of 2020 is doomed an extraordinary one for refractory material corporation. With the continuous development of global economy and economic diversification, development in refractory industry has been influenced tremendously.


  What is the significant trends in the refractory industry in 2020?


 1. Maximization trend of enterprises


  According as the demand for the refractory material decreases, a fierce competition was launched among developed countries ' refractory enterprises in order to fulfill respective economic profits.


  It is clearly a case of: "survival ofthe fittest.". It is only through increased efficiency that enterprises can stand firm in the fierce competition. And supporting key enterprises to develop into large and modern enterprise groups is a effective way to increase efficiency.


  With the emerging and development of large-scale refractory enterprises, it will be conducive to improving development abilities of new products, share experiences and technical knowledge,and and build up a modern and technological staff.


  2. Globalization of markets


  In order to maintain huge capacity, multinational firms needs to seek forsources of raw materials and commodity markets urgently.


  China is abundant in magnetite and aphanitic graphite, with theirs reserves ranking first in the world. For many years, the exports of bauxite have also been ranked highest in the world. Furthermore, China is the world's largest producers of steel and building materials. Accordingly, Chinese market has the advantages of rich raw materials, large capacity of the market, low labor-cost and benign investment environment.



  Analysis shows that Chinese refractory market is presently in primary development stage, and prospect is very considerable.

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