Based on the principle of people-oriented, we continuously seek the solutions so that minimize or eliminate the risk to health and safety of our employees and contractors when developing our products, processes and services.


In pursuit of excellence, excellence forever has been our management idea. using prevention techniques and adoption of safe operating practices for this purpose in order to transform Hitech into an even safer, more harmonious and more sustainable place to work.


We invest a great deal in safety training for our employees all the time, and develop a zero-injury safety culture.


To raise the level of safety, our company create the work safety observation process which is aimed at seeking to identify risk behaviors, guide workers to replace those for safe behaviors.


Employees as physical and intelligent resources is one of the key factors to realize the rapid development of enterprises, and their health is closely related to the development of enterprises.


Accordingly, we have focused on ensuring their safety and quality of life.


We schedule a hospital physical exam for employees every year, including ECG, liver and kidney function, general physical examination, etc.


Half an hour for bodybuilding is incorporated into employees' daily ritual.


Employees exposed to noise in their workplace could receive annual hearing monitor.


Female employees have a three months maternity leave which are entitled to enjoy it with full pay.

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